Advertising Agency Cash Flow

11 January 2017

Have you ever got to the end of a profitable month only to discover you’re short on cash? Don’t feel bad. Cash flow is so complex even top agencies sometimes need a temporary increase on their overdraft. There are 2 weapons in your financial arsenal to help you beat the dreaded cash flow slump – […]


Why Chase for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is good for business

30 November 2016

Chase for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is our enterprise level offering. It’s an add-on for Dynamics NAV that delivers all Chase’s features while exposing NAV’s enterprise management capabilities. Agencies can enjoy Chase’s superior, purpose-built agency management tools, plus a complete range of financial, strategic and operational functionality. The add-on provides full integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV […]


Winning New Business

11 November 2016

A major problem for advertising agencies has always been finding new business. That’s especially true in today’s marketplace where budgets are shrinking and competition is growing. Every great salesperson knows the value of nurturing low-probability maybes into concrete actuals. And they’ve developed personal systems to track each one methodically until it bears fruit. So if […]


A New Look for Media Agency Management.

26 October 2016

Not too long ago, we released Chase Nexus, our brand new media agency management application. It’s jam packed with all the great functionality you get from Chase Media and much more. But there’s something else that sets Nexus apart from Media. We wanted to make sure that Nexus was always available to you no matter […]


Chase Team Building

12 October 2016

If there’s one thing Chase Software can help you do, it’s build high-performance teams. That’s because Chase gives workers the functionality they need to communicate, track work and measure progress. There’s also an abundance of management tools to keep you up to date with how well your teams are progressing towards project completion. With Chase […]


7 Reasons to Use Chase Consulting

7 September 2016

Sometimes, agencies hire management consultants to better understand how well they’re running their business and where they can improve. The reason is that those consultants have worked with many organisations. So they’ve not only solved a lot of common and unique problems. They’ve also seen how the top companies operate. Therefore, they can help others […]


Theory of Constraints for Advertising Agencies

24 August 2016

In a creative environment, mixing paradigms often brings out the best ideas. So here’s one for your business. Theory of Constraints is a management principle developed not by a management guru, but a physicist named Eli Goldratt. Goldratt uses a simple illustration to show how operational bottlenecks (constraints) arise. A group of 20 scouts face […]


6 Signs You Need Agency Project Software

11 August 2016

You know it’s time to invest in agency project software when you find yourself unable to answer basic questions about what’s going on inside your advertising agency or ad department. Here are some points you might be scratching your head over: What did clients ask for? If you can no longer keep track of all […]


Managing a Big Ad Agency with Chase

20 July 2016

Many of our clients control their business using their preferred financial management system. We provide seamless integration to popular packages so you can run yours alongside Chase. Often over time as you grow from a small shop to a big player, there comes a day when you realise your current financial system’s features or reporting […]


Productivity Hacks for Your Ad Agency

7 July 2016

When we think of productivity, we often measure it in terms of individual effort and output. There’s a problem with such logic – people don’t work in isolation. They usually band together in an organisation, and it’s their combined, synergistic output that counts. That’s right – productivity is a team sport. It’s up to you […]