Sales Opportunities for Ad Agencies.

21 June 2017

In this month’s newsletter, we gave you a step-by-step process for setting reminders against opportunities in Chase. As companies start tightening their belts in South Africa, it’s a great time to look at just how important opportunity management is. When times are good, many companies let sales opportunities pass by with little concern. But in a down […]


5 Finance Treasures in Chase for Dynamics NAV.

7 June 2017

The Chase Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers enterprise-grade financials and operations management to larger agencies. While the product offers many powerful features, sometimes we come across simple convenience functions that just make life easier for financial directors, managers and accountants. Here’s our pick for the month: Free report writer. At times, standard reports and […]


How to train on Chase.

24 May 2017

This month, we discussed training in our first blog post  and Jamie’s Note . Now let’s look at the Chase training available to you. To get maximum value from Chase, your staff should understand all the functionality for their area of responsibility. To help, we’ve created many great training resources – including our very own training […]


It’s Training Time!

10 May 2017

So, have you recently thought about the benefits of training employees in Chase? In short, the more they know, the further they’ll go. Here are some great reasons to get Chase smart: Better customer service. When your customer service staff know their Chase functions well, they can respond much quicker to customer queries and demands. […]


Starting Off with Kanban.

19 April 2017

In our previous blog post, we told you what Kanban is. Then, Jamie’s Note explained why we included Kanban Boards in Chase. In this post, we’ll discuss how to get started with Kanban. As we said before, Kanban isn’t for everyone, either because of fit or preference. But if you’re managing a continuous flow of […]


Kanban for Advertising Agencies

5 April 2017

Chase now includes Kanban Boards, a fantastic project management tool that’s also great for boosting agency productivity. But what is Kanban, what are Kanban Boards, and how do they compare with traditional project management? What is Kanban? Kanban is a method of managing work while improving efficiencies. It originated in the motor industry but has […]


Online Proofing with Chase.

22 March 2017

In our first blog post, we talked about the benefits of online proofing. Our CEO, Jamie, expanded on that idea in our newsletter, discussing the importance of optimised communication. Of course, Chase includes a powerful online proofing tool that takes the pain out of reviewing and approvals. Most of the time, reviewers are in separate locations, […]


The Productivity Tool Your Agency Has Been Missing

8 March 2017

Advertising agencies are being pushed harder than ever to deliver projects faster on smaller budgets. So there’s an ongoing drive to optimise their processes and run leaner. Yet, so many overlook the outstanding efficiency that can be achieved from online proofing. Here’s a rundown of what online proofing can do for your business: Eliminates paper […]


Improving Team Performance.

22 February 2017

Chase has always allowed for resource planning, but its latest features take the activity to a whole new level. There’s a  Resource Planner View for the more traditional approach and a Kanban View for those who prefer an Agile methodology. Plus, designations, resource types and a skills suggestion engine will make your life a whole […]


A Leap Forward in Resource Planning for Advertising Agencies.

8 February 2017

Chase already offers resource planning in its Traffic Whiteboard and when assigning tasks in a Job Bag. However, customer feedback suggested that some usability improvements were needed. We’re proud to announce that the latest features are a quantum leap forward in agency resource planning. Two new methods – Planner View and Kanban View – and […]