Improving Team Performance.

Chase has always allowed for resource planning, but its latest features take the activity to a whole new level. There’s a  Resource Planner View for the more traditional approach and a Kanban View for those who prefer an Agile methodology. Plus, designations, resource types and a skills suggestion engine will make your life a whole lot easier. You can get more details from our previous blog post.

So, with a great set of tools to help you quickly get the planning part sorted, you can focus on better team performance. Let’s review some ways to achieve that goal.

  • Collocation. It’s proven that employees who are located together work more effectively. But even virtual teams can thrive, provided they’re given the right communication tools and are guided by strong processes.
  • General management training. When team members know how to quickly integrate and work in a self-organising way, general management training quickly pays for itself in higher output.
  • Team building. Not just river rafting or bowling nights (although those are always fun). Any inclusive activities, like involving members in the planning process, formal conflict resolution, or even eating together, can build bonds and improve team performance.
  • Emotional intelligence. A workplace filled with varied ideologies or mannerisms is a brewing pot for potential conflict. Emotional intelligence training helps workers understand why they become upset and how to resolve issues appropriately.
  • A reward system. A properly implemented system of recognition and reward promotes and reinforces high-performance behaviours. Just make sure the conditions for being rewarded are made clear, they can be achieved, and there’s no chance of favouritism or cronyism.
  • Skills training. It goes without saying that any enhancement to individual technical skills will make a direct improvement on team performance.
  • Positive conflict. Allowing members to argue out project problems can often lead to better solutions. However, make sure there’s a rigid code of conduct that clearly demarcates acceptable behaviour and communication, as well as the actions to be taken when lines are crossed.

Team building is a topic that’s much bigger than a monthly pizza evening. So consider the above but also take time to read up on the subject. Not only will your planning phase in Chase be easier, but so will everything that comes afterwards. Happy planning!

Link to previous blog post.

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