It’s Training Time!

So, have you recently thought about the benefits of training employees in Chase? In short, the more they know, the further they’ll go. Here are some great reasons to get Chase smart:

  • Better customer service. When your customer service staff know their Chase functions well, they can respond much quicker to customer queries and demands.
  • Higher productivity. Turn your people into Chase gurus and you’ll see more work being delivered than ever before.
  • Higher quality. When using Chase is second nature, workers won’t be distract trying to remember what to do next. They can get on with creating high-quality advertising campaigns.
  • Fewer mistakes. Ever heard the quality slogan: “Right first time, every time”? Fewer mistakes mean less time wasted on correction, and Chase gurus always make fewer mistakes.
  • Less supervision. Savvy Chasers know what they’re doing so they don’t need to be closely watched and managed. That gives managers more time to get on with business.
  • Faster onboarding. With thorough Chase training, new employees will spend less time in trial-and-error and go from green to keen in no time flat.
  • Better collaboration. Chase has outstanding communication and collaboration tools to help workers get more done without leaving their desk. If you want work to flow, make sure they know these inside-out.
  • Continuous improvement. Chase gets better all the time. Keep your staff abreast of new and updated features so they’ll grow with it.

There’s a real Chaser in every employee, just waiting to get out. We’ve provided the training resources to help them do it, and that’s what our next blog post is about. So be sure to catch it. Also look out for our May newsletter where Jamie will discuss skills development.

Keep Chasing your success!

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