A New Look for Media Agency Management.

Not too long ago, we released Chase Nexus, our brand new media agency management application. It’s jam packed with all the great functionality you get from Chase Media and much more.

But there’s something else that sets Nexus apart from Media. We wanted to make sure that Nexus was always available to you no matter where you are.

Today’s workforce depends on the mobile Internet. So we knew that whether you’re in a meeting, parked in your car, at a local coffee shop or in the office, Nexus had to be there with you. To make it so, we chose to follow Google’s Material design paradigm. Material is a standard for creating responsive applications. Material-based programs automatically check the size of the screen you’re viewing them on and resize themselves and their components to fit that area.

That means Nexus will display correctly on your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or phone in either portrait or landscape. In short, Nexus is device-friendly, so you can carry it with you and do business from any location.

We also chose Material because of its appearance is well known. Most Android apps employ Material, so we knew our users would feel more comfortable with the familiar layout. They’re also acquainted with the consistent user experience across tasks, the positioning of menus and controls, messages, alerts and more.

And that’s just the user interface. While Nexus gives you all the benefits of Chase Media, it’s a more streamlined experience that offers huge improvements in productivity.

If you’re looking for the perfect app to run your media agency, Nexus should be your first stop. The look and feel alone will have you wanting more. Ask for a demo by visiting our contact page.

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