Online Proofing with Chase.

In our first blog post, we talked about the benefits of online proofing. Our CEO, Jamie, expanded on that idea in our newsletter, discussing the importance of optimised communication.

Of course, Chase includes a powerful online proofing tool that takes the pain out of reviewing and approvals. Most of the time, reviewers are in separate locations, sometimes on the other side of the world. Chase’s proofing tool brings all stakeholders together in a centralised virtual workspace and provides all the functions they need to get the job done quickly. Here are just some of its features.

  • Easily share proofs. Just upload your proof to Chase’s proofing tool and share it with all project stakeholders, even customers and remote workers in different locations.
  • Chat through changes. Once the proof is uploaded, everyone involved can start discussing changes using the real-time chat sidebar, just like Microsoft Word’s revision tool.
  • Highlight important items. Reviewers can annotate or draw around areas of interest in text, images and video. The can also add comments to their markups to offer more detail.
  • Work on over 56 file types. You can load, markup and manipulate over 56 file types, including PDF, Adobe CS, Word, PPT, GIF, JPEG, MPG, AVI, MOV, SWF and many more popular formats.
  • Get email notifications. You can set up email notifications so you receive updates on version changes and new comments even when you’re not in Chase.
  • View split-screen comparisons. You can make direct comparisons of current and previous versions to see that requested changes have been implemented. Or you can compare the current proof to other proofs in a campaign to make sure they’re compatible.
  • Just use your browser. There’s no need for specialised software to view proofs. Everything is browser-based and even large files can be loaded quickly for review.

Chase’s online proofing tool can speed up the review and approval process by 56%. That’s a huge saving in time and effort. So, if you haven’t already, start using it today to accelerate project delivery. Just ask your account manager for more details or contact Chase Support.

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