The Productivity Tool Your Agency Has Been Missing

Advertising agencies are being pushed harder than ever to deliver projects faster on smaller budgets. So there’s an ongoing drive to optimise their processes and run leaner. Yet, so many overlook the outstanding efficiency that can be achieved from online proofing. Here’s a rundown of what online proofing can do for your business:

Eliminates paper trails. The best benefit is that online proofing rids you of the time and effort spent on paperwork inherent in the manual proofing process.

Lowers costs. Studies show that online proofing is much more efficient and therefore starts saving you money the moment you begin using it.

Speeds up delivery. Online proofing promises a notable increase in the speed at which projects are completed, sometimes halving delivery times.

Streamlines processes. Physical handling, extra steps and transport time involved in manual proofing can be cut dramatically, resulting in a much simpler and faster workflow.

Reduces effort. 75% of online proofing users report up to 60% reduction in the effort spent reviewing proofs.

Reduces reworks. Because of the collaborative nature of online proofing, reworks resulting from revisions can be reduced by almost 30%.

Automates audit trails. Because information is accumulated during the process, online proofing works well as an archive and audit trail – to meet regulatory requirements, review customer requirements, or review project history to resolve issues.

Increases accountability. Discussions are recorded for all stakeholders to revisit, so workers, reviewers and approvers report an increased sense of accountability.

Increases urgency. Clients and workers can interact directly instead of through an agency representative, which fosters a greater sense of urgency to get things done.

Improves communications. Online proofing centralises activities, integrates efforts, and provides continuity. Because everyone is involved in the discussion, internal and external communication both improve substantially.

Is environment-friendly. Even if printed proofs are needed, they’ll be cut to a minimum. So less paper and printer cartridges are used, and less physical transport is required. Overall, the carbon footprint is tiny.

Online proofing is a boon to advertising agencies. It centralises the proofing activity, improves communication and efficiency, speeds approvals and promotes faster delivery. Consequently, it means more business.

Chase’s online proofing tool offers all these benefits and more, so we’ll be discussing it in more detail in our next blog post. Be sure to look out for it.

If you want to know how to implement online proofing in your agency, chat to your Chase account manager or call Chase Support. They’ll be happy to help you.

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